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A group devoted to being a key central for finding Kaiju art and artists, as well as a social and networking tool for kaiju fandom, be it stars like Godzilla, Gamera, and King Kong, to rookies like the Cloverfield monster, and even original characters created by artists.

Membership has no requirements, other than the ONE GOLDEN RULE; all artwork submitted must involve giant monsters in some manner.

-The top artists will have their work displayed in the Featured gallery.

-There are possibilities for promotions to those committed enough.

What is Kaiju?

For those unfamiliar with the term; Kaiju is Japanese for 'strange creature', or 'monster', while the additional Daikaiju (Dai = big) means giant monster. Fans in America (perhaps even more so than those in Japan) have used Kaiju as a slang phrase for the kind of giant beasts that pop up in Japanese science fiction and fantasy films, most notably Godzilla and his many friends and foes from that ongoing franchise.

Hence the name of our group, Kaijuden - the premier Deviant Art group dedicated to such things.

However, we know Kaiju isn't a perfect term, nor our we limited to the giant monsters from Japan alone...after all, where would the King of the Monsters be without his American forefathers King Kong and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms?

As such, we have plenty of sub-folders and galleries within our group for these foreign giants. Those said galleries are all pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any further questions, you may contact our knowledgeable co-founder Enshohma.

Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 1, 2010


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1,399 Members
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Because of the sheer nature of this fantastical genre, the history of giant monster movies is littered with abandoned and unproduced films and television concepts. Even the ones that are ultimately made, like ”GMK: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack” and Godzilla vs Destroyah” do so at the cost of several discarded creatures and characters.

But in the realm of ‘what if?’, we’re asking you which of these lost monster movies you would have loved to see made, and even own in some alternate reality?

Here’s a few of my choices, though of course being ME, there's not that much Godzilla here. I know, I sort of suck:

”Ultraman: Operation Giant” (1967)

Tsuburaya Productions had plans to make a theatrical spin-off of the 1966-1967 television series, revolving around a third invasion of Earth by the Baltans, along with their new monster champion, and an android addition to the Science Patrol. Had the film been made, I think it would have spread greater awareness of the Ultraman franchise internationally and early on so - as opposed to the weird limbo of non-exposure its in today.

”Nessie” (1978)

Although Kaiju films were dead in and out of Japan, they were still some earnest attempts to resurrect the genre in the late 1970’s. And both Toho AND Hammer Films stuck with their planned co-produced lovechild ”Nessie” for a number of years, before calling it quits in the twilight of 1979. The plot and planned concept sounded very epic, by having The Loch Ness Monster turning into a mutated giant from chemical waste. And then going on a murderous rampage across the open oceans soon after.

”Godzilla vs The Asuka Fortress” (1979)

Rebellions and coups within democratic governments has been a fixture of film thrillers since the Cold War (”Seven Days in May” being one of the biggest examples of such). But Japan actually faced such events (however minor) throughout their modern history, post World War II. And was probably the main inspiration for this abandon Godzilla film, complete with a rogue Japanese Self-Defense Force Robot on the rebels’ side.

”Yamato Takeru 2” (1997)

I make no apologies, but I really do love 1994’s ”Yamato Takeru”. It’s serious and stern faced as most Japanese fictions was from the time, complete with a rather dull first act. But once we get into acts two and three, it becomes as adventurous and fun as some of Harryhausen’s fantasy efforts. I would loved to have seen further adventures from this planned franchise...But then I remember the heinous track record Japan has with cinematic sequels, and realize we might have dodged a bullet with this one.

”Gamera vs The Ice Men from Outer Space” (1966)

The Friend to All Children, versus an Apocalyptic invasion of sub-zero aliens and their mighty Frost Giant representative. What’s not to like?

”Snails” (1979)

According to ”The Illustrated Dinosaur Movie Guide”; a test reel was made for this unrealized feature, concerning people stranded on an island in the Bahamas, attacked by thirty foot tall stop-motion sea snails. With animators Phil Tippen and Tom St. Amand in character roles. That’s all we know of this dropped project, but its too offbeat not to love. Plus, there needs to be more sea snail monsters in the world. Sea snails are awesome.

Anything from Willis O'Brien

Willis O’Brien’s later years was filled with many unrealized movie projects. And even if its a rather tragic tale, the concepts he came up with were so imaginative and just outright awesome, that they’d still work as new movies made today. ”King Kong vs Frankenstein”; The Eighth Wonder of the World, against the legacy of Victor Von Frankenstein, and a giant amalgam animal-humanoid. ”The War Eagles”; Vikings riding on the backs of giant eagles, fighting dinosaurs. ”Umbah”; two giant-sized Native Americans have a contest of strength with each other, as well as other monsters. ”The Bubble”; tentacled bubble-like creatures in Baja, California start eating up anything in their path. ”The Vines of Ceres”; gigantic plants from outer space engulf San Francisco. The list goes-on-and-on!

Honorable Mentions:

"Mothra vs Bagan" (1989)
"Batman vs Godzilla" (1966)
"Godzilla vs Redmoon" (1972)
"Godzilla vs The Robot Army" (1989)
"Godzilla vs M" (2001)
"Gamera vs Giant Monster W" (1972)
"Giant Beast Swarm Nezura" (1965)
"Ultraman: Hero from the Stars" (1978)
"Attack of the 50ft Woman" Sequel (1958-1959)
"In the Mountains of Madness" (Guillermo del Toro, 2010)
"Gappa" Remake (1995)
"Devil-Manta" (1978)
"Mortal" (1980)
"Zeppelin V. Pterodactyls" (1971)
"Tor" (1991)
"Mortis Rex" (2010)
"Godzilla vs Barubaoi" (1995)
"Godzilla vs Mechanikong" (1993)
"Baby Kong" (Mario Bava, 1976)
"Apartment Living" (1970's)
"Big Bird" (2005)
"Daimajin" (Takashi Miike, 2006)
"Godzilla vs Gamera" (2004)
"Ultraman 2: Requiem" (2005)
"It Ate Cleveland" (1980's)
"Godzilla Reborn" (2000-2001)
"Godzilla 3D To the Max" (2005-2013)
"GOO: Genetic Octopodular Ooze" (1971)
"Godzilla vs The Mutant Starfish" (1972)
"Reptilicus 2" (2001)
"Ultraman: The Jupiter Effect" (1978)
"When the Earth Cracked Open" (1970's)
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