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A group devoted to being a key central for finding Kaiju art and artists, as well as a social and networking tool for kaiju fandom, be it stars like Godzilla, Gamera, and King Kong, to rookies like the Cloverfield monster, the Pacific Rim kaiju, and even original characters created by artists.

Membership has no requirements, other than the ONE GOLDEN RULE; all artwork submitted must involve giant monsters in some manner.

-The top artists will have their work displayed in the Featured gallery.

-There are possibilities for promotions to those committed enough.

What is Kaiju?

For those unfamiliar with the term; Kaiju is Japanese for 'strange creature', or 'monster', while the additional Daikaiju (Dai = big) means giant monster. Fans in America (perhaps even more so than those in Japan) have used Kaiju as a slang phrase for the kind of giant beasts that pop up in Japanese science fiction and fantasy films, most notably Godzilla and his many friends and foes from that ongoing franchise.

Hence the name of our group, Kaijuden - the premier Deviant Art group dedicated to such things.

However, we know Kaiju isn't a perfect term, nor our we limited to the giant monsters from Japan alone...after all, where would the King of the Monsters be without his American forefathers King Kong and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms?

As such, we have plenty of sub-folders and galleries within our group for these foreign giants. Those said galleries are all pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any further questions, you may contact our knowledgeable co-founder Enshohma.

Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 1, 2010


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1,547 Members
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I must unfortunately admit (and especially this late in the year) that we're probably not getting a new Gamera movie for 2015. Even sadder when you consider this year being the big turtle's 50th Anniversary.

But there's still a good chance that SOMETHING might be done with Gamera before year's end. Hopefully some sort of manga anthology, an animated short, or maybe even a television special.

But than again, I REALLY suck at being optimistic.

Ironically though, me and other Obscure Kaiju Historians, have been finding many obscure monsters from the truly obscure corners, of the relative obscure Gamera franchise. And in a nice way, it makes up for the lack of new Gamera films...Even if many of these obscurities are just more Gyaos Based Monsters!

In the 1997 video game "Gamera 2000" (released for the Sony Playstation), a mysterious race of cybernetic beings dubbed The Bio-Mecha invade the Earth. And to assist them, these 'living alien machines' create an army of Neo-Gyaos; mutant variations of the giant Super Gyaos, seen from the 1995 film "Gamera: Guardian of the Univers".

Among the game's many enemy monsters is Armored Gyaos, who true to its (her?) name, is an armadillo-like subterranean, who serves as a 'mini-boss' in Stage 4 - the appropriately titled 'Underworld'.

Like an armadillo, Armored Gyaos can roll itself into a pursuing ball. And can shoot a green-colored sonic beams from its mouth...Not at all like an armadillo...Though diffidently like a fellow Gyaos. You can check out Armored Gyaos in action, at the 20:34 mark.

The Underworld level also features wolf-like Gyaos Hounds, with differing red and blue bio-luminescence; robotic Bio-Mech Drones; a bizarre, rover-like Bio-Mech machine with flailing arms and a 'corpse driver' within its center (seen when you take an alternative route through the stage); manta ray-like, laser firing Underworld Flyers; and the final boss, a hideous, asymmetrical humanoid beast dubbed The Underworld Gyaos, or Winged Dragon Man by some fans.

As you could tell, a lot of the original monsters for "Gamera 2000" are lacking official names. And no current clue wither or not this was intentional. Or that no one has ever gotten a chance to translate the game's Japanese guide booklet.

Though I can confidently say that Armored Gyaos appears to be the universally agreed upon name for this character, wither it be fan created or not.

Now here's the real question in the back of your mind...Who would win in a battle?

Anguirus or Armored Gyaos?
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"20th Century Fox Television and New Regency Television are teaming up with producer Adrian Askarieh's Prime Universe Films to embark on the development of an event-series based on the best-selling action/horror comic book Enormous from publisher 215 Ink and creators Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour.

Set in the near future, the comic book series finds the world suffering a planetary resource crisis when a vast ecological cataclysm spawns The Enormous, massive beasts unlike anything ever witnessed. Displaced from atop the food-chain, humankind struggles to stave off extinction, and a shattered society scrambles for refuge in the wake of the monstrous rampage."
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