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UPDATE #1: And so it REALLY begins...several brief but very neat viral videos related to "Godzilla 2014" (just go with my temporary nickname here please) have popped up online, connected to the film's fictional M.U.T.O. element. M.U.T.O. appears to be a military organization that handles giant monsters, or at least that's my personal theory, as its obviously its no longer the name of one of the film's newer Kaiju.

I don't know how to embed YouTube videos themselves into DeviantART journals, so just check out the collected videos at io9's Morning Spoilers (scroll down in the link below):…

And a few hours, the official teaser trailer will premier across the internet, which has even gotten the usually flippant newspaper USA Today a buzzing:…

Godzilla-takes-a-walk by NORIMATSUKeiichi GODZILLA 2014 by Birmelini The Bystander by kaijukid

:iconkaijusamurai: (Matt Frank) has brought to our attention, that the viral web-site for next year's "Godzilla" reboot has just gone online. So far, there's barley anything to the site, and it seems to only work for certain computer set-ups.

In addition to that, is ramblings that the official teaser trailer for 2014's "Godzilla" will premier this Tuesday (tomorrow). And supposedly in time to be added with "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" come Friday.

If the former occurs, we'll update it here. And more on the Godzilla tidbits in Matt's original posting below:

Godzilla super HD trailer upWanna see the trailer in super-SUPER high-resolution glory? Go here to check it out!
The first official trailer is up, and it is pretty damn gripping.
This info's been making the rounds already, but what the hell - I'll share the love :)
A viral site has launched - M.U.T.O. Research -
Try typing different stuff in. For example..."Godzilla," "Monster," "Oxygen Destroyer," "Serizawa"...and definitely try "Jet Jaguar" :D
Also, the first true teaser trailer drops Tuesday am - I'll update this journal with links!

Speaking of "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"; io9 has posted a very interesting article on why 'The Terrible Taker of Lonely Mountain' still matters, in this day an age, where dragons have been done to death, and yet still remain one of fiction's most underused monsters.

Its a good read, which can be found here:…

And yes, although he isn't a traditional Japanese Kaiju, all Smaug fan art is still appropriate for our group. So submit away in either our all-purpose Featured gallery, or the Kaiju from Comics and Literature one. Or to the Impossible Crossovers, if someone decides to do Godzilla vs Smaug, or Smaug Meets Pacific Rim.

Smaug the dragon by Evolvana Smaug the Golden by christopherburdett Smaug the Magnificent by Norke
Conversation with Smaug by NightmareHound Smaug by R-Valle Smaug, the Magnificent by Sephiramy
SMAUG by moonxels Smaug Final by Davesrightmind Smaug by Isvoc

Meanwhile, back in Japan...

For nearly two years now, Toho has been trying to produce a live action film version of the popular manga and anime series "Attack On Titan", which of course deals with humans fighting off giant carnivorous humanoids in a Post-Apocalyptic future.

Now it looks as if the project is alive again, and under the much needed directorial guidance of Shinji Higuchi; the special effects maestro behind the Heisei Gamera trilogy, as well as the recent short "Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo".

More information in the following link:…

Colossal Titan by Erde27 Megata no Kyojin by RappelzRagnarok Ape Titan Colors by edcomics

And last but not least, is an independent family-fantasy film from Hawaii titled "Peter and the Colossus", which is about a lonely child who befriends a giant walking tree-being.

Read more about it here:…
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Tamashikiri Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013
Wait... with someone who's done suitmation heading the special effects... does this mean we might very well see an Attack on Titan movie brought to life with practical effects?

I can hope, at least.
Enshohma Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Mister Higuchi is the kind of effects man you don't see often in world film making anymore, as he's someone who uses as many effects techniques as possible to build a visual stew and related scene execution.

My biggest fear for the live action "Attack on Titan" would be an over-reliance of CGI for extremely humanoid figures, which almost never works in similar Hollywood efforts like "I Am Legends" and "Jack the Giant Slayer". But its now more than likely Higuchi will be using real actors, effects make-up, full body suits, and EVEN CGI and maybe puppets for the more grotesque Titans, like Ymir, 'Spider Titan' or The Titan Who Encountered (poor) Ilse.

Color me if only we can solve the problem of "Attack on Titan" largely non-Japanese cast of characters, and Toho's unfortunate habit in hiring bad non-Japanese actors. My kingdom for some DNA samples of Nick Adams, and a cloning machine!
Bracey100 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Having Higuchi attached to the project really excites me.
Enshohma Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Same my only fear is that Toho will hire a bunch of bad 'gaijin' actors to fill up the movie. Its like a semi-reversal of Hollywood constantly insisting on (trying) making live action versions of extremely Japanese anime, instead of anime with large cast of non-Japanese characters. But who knows, and at least the creature effects will be good, and hey, Toho's making Kaiju films again, so all is good!

BTW, great to see you doing Kaiju Revamps again!
Bracey100 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, been a long time off the Revamps but that was the fault of their success, lol. I got so popular with kaiju commissions I never had time to get back to it. I started work on that Guilala MONTHS ago! But Im gonna make sure I do at least one a month for fans of the series. KR sorta put me on the map here at DA even though Ive been around for years.
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